Doua tabere sau o echipa?

[ARTICOLUL DE DUMINICA] E de acum un truism faptul ca “seful” si “subordonatul” se plaseaza psihic in tabere opuse. E mult de povestit despre cauzele acestei confruntari perpetue si nu e timpul, nici locul sa… Read More »Doua tabere sau o echipa?

Team velocity

`First time I heard about team velocity has been when I read some things on Agile development. There are various descriptions of the team velocity in Agile and I invite you to read this one.… Read More »Team velocity

Scouting for talents

You are looking to build a great team and you face a limited budget.Ups, you don’t have fancy budget or fancy recruiting agency to use. I have bad news. It’s not possible. In fact, it’s… Read More »Scouting for talents

Mentoring journey

It seems that once your are nominated a mentor for others, you end your trip as mentee and start another one as mentor. This is not true. It is just the next step of mentee-mentor… Read More »Mentoring journey