How many and which changes should a freshman do?


A fresh graduates brings with him dreams. Not all dreams may come true.Some of the dreams even does not have to come true.

So, how to decide which ones are worth to be lived and which not? I would propose a mixture of thinking plus some try and error.

There are two types of try and error. When you try big and you can make a difference and when you try small and don’t risk to much. Depending on your personality, you can assume the risk to try big and have a quantum leap. You don’t plan too much, simply you jump directly implement your dream! You use more the enthusiasm and the fitting of the position to your dream job.

Or, you take a small instance of your dream and try to apply in a controlled environment. After a while, you can analyse the situation and decide. It is a feedback to the initial plan, a kind of very often review if you are in track.
So, if you are an young professional and you would like to make a change, think for a moment which type are you. If you can cope with risk and failure quite well, than you could try big changes. Even you are tough guy, don’t do it so often. Imagine the context switching lag in your life, you might loose too much time in context switching.
If you are a guy who really likes to plan his life, than think twice and experiment without changing everything at once. This would make you more confident in your choices and reduce the stress associated with the changes.

See you in next assignment!

[Published in 2012. Updated in 2017]

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