Embedded is not dead. It is very much alive and growing.

Michael Barr is a columnist and embedded guru, hosting a newsletter and organizing Embedded Software Boot Camp.
He posted today a special issue of the newsletter, looking to the growth of embedded sector in U.S. My impression is that embedded is not dead at all not only in US, but also in Europe and Asia. Looking back to one of the older posts, I can tell you that nowadays these engineers are hard to get. 
My friends working in Europe constantly get phone calls from agency with plenty of vacancies. I know some companies that are able to fill their positions not earlier than 6 months. Speaking now only about embedded sector.
I am joining the idea of Michael Barr and I will create a section with possible job offers coming from companies who would like to hire in Romania these kind of profile. In case someone is interested, please send an email.

PS: Don’t lough, maybe I am ridiculous with this initiative. This is only a little step to help the industry where I make a living (in Romanian, I could say “mananc o paine alba)”.

Cartea te face neprost!

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