Scouting for talents

You are looking to build a great team and you face a limited budget.
Ups, you don’t have fancy budget or fancy recruiting agency to use.

I have bad news. It’s not possible. In fact, it’s not possible next week.

Still, if you are a strategic planner, you will have your team with some investment in advance.

  • Scout for talents early enough. If you need them or not, decide later. If they know how talented they are, they are hard to get. If you are the guy who discovered them, then it is a mentor – mentee relationship.
  • Look constantly to refresh you pool of talents. It is like taking care about the tree yard nearby your house. If you don’t take care, you dont get apples next year and maybe never again.
  • Having these guys onboard, support their progress. Don’t wait for something in exchange. Be fair. Don’t play favorites and offer them challenges according to their potential.
  • Be a mentor  for them, as well as a sponsor. One successful story triggers the next one and you will benefit from the legends. Look for next position for each of them by your self, if you see them in the need to be promoted outside of your organization, You won’t remain with them in the team, but you will have a great network of guys who appreciate you.
  • Keep a close contact with the ones who left the team. They may recommend you other great guys and open some doors for you.

In sum, be a good guy, help others and transform non-financial items in a competitive advantage.

Cartea te face neprost!

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