The highway to success

Teams are built in various environments. These environment matters as long as you build a project team. But you can control how the team integrates in the environment. I will speak about some items that are important in order to keep a certain group working like a team. Team have to refresh themselves, to adjust the progress and the results.
Let’s characterize a team with the equation of a highway. I don’t know all, but I consider the following items as important:

Team velocity – speed of progressing inside the team as average
Team map (where are the entry points and where are the exit points)
Entry points (how do you integrate a new team member)
Exit points (how team members leave your team)
Team acceleration (how quick you can increase the performance in short time for short term)

These are a few items I will speak about in 2012.

Stay tuned`!

Cartea te face neprost!

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