Why bother? An argumentation for the ones who want to become managers

Managing a team of software engineers is easy. Or not?
Being a software engineer usually offers good enough compensation, even the opportunity to get a senior position in a company.

Then, why bother to be the manager of such a team? This is my first question to whom ever mentions that she/he wants to be the boss.
Do you want to be there for the money?
Do you want to be there for the fame?
Do you want to be there for the power?
Do you want to be there for others?
I don’t know exactly why someone should look to be a manager. There is no standard answer. But, I strongly believe that you should question yourself when only one motivation arises for this job.

If your answer to first question is yes, then you should look elsewhere for a job. This is usually the first sign that you will consider to reach the bonus by the mean of the team members. Think about looking down, as well as looking up (that is to higher management).
If you look for fame, than look around to see something also in the dark. Shining is good, but there are gems hidden in the corners.
If you look for the power… Well, this is the tricky one. Are you sure that you don’t have something in addition to make the winning pair? I would be careful to work with you otherwise.
If you are there for the others, then be sure you don’t forget the business.

If you are there for the job, than
Good luck!

Cartea te face neprost!

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