Software Developer vs. Football Player

This is a translation of the first blog post I have issued 10 years ago.

Being a software developer means that you are a knowledge worker. In other words, you will consume a lot of neurons. As Joel Spolsky said, you can consider this occupation as a liberal profession. Nevertheless, the technology is constantly changing, you need to bring new ideas, to learn new programming frameworks and paradigms. All these have an impact on your life. If you compare this to football players, unless you are a Totti or Buffon, to keep your engineering skills sharp after 50s, it is probably wise to look for a management job, for a job where you can use better the experience and expertise gained instead of learning the latest and greatest JS framework.  Your could probably start a new business, start teaching, anyway something that could balance the pressure of spending 8-10 hours per day to implement the latest technology frameworkRead More »Software Developer vs. Football Player

Project based jobs

Am primit un comentariu, de putin timp, despre lipsa recomandarilor pentru joburile pe anumite proiecte. “Dar ce parere aveti de joburile cu adevarat competitive, in mare voga in afara dar extrem de nepopulare la noi,… Read More »Project based jobs

Orientare profesionala [2]

Un profesor de matematica, observand ca are probleme cu chiuveta din bucatarie, a fost nevoit sa cheme un instalator. In urmatoarea zi, instalatorul a venit, a strans cateva suruburi, a infiletat cateva chestii, apoi totul… Read More »Orientare profesionala [2]